ROCKFISH Games Launches Roguelike Space Shooter EVERSPACE on Stadia December 1st

ROCKFISH Games has announced their roguelike runaway hit space shooter, EVERSPACE, will be making its debut on Stadia. Totalling two million lifetime units sold, this surprise hit on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation is set to release on Stadia December 1st.

Beginning at launch, EVERSPACE™ will be free to claim for Stadia Pro subscribers and listed at $29.99/€29.99 on the Stadia store. The EVERSPACE Encounters expansion pack is set to be released at the same time as the base game and will be available for $9.99/€9.99. In early 2021, the ROCKFISH Games team will add native 4K support and further improvements free of charge via patch.

“Bringing the original EVERSPACE to Stadia was more than a commercial business decision for us,” said Michael Schade, ROCKFISH Games CEO and Co-founder. “Thanks to Stadia, we can finally offer tens of million space pilots around the globe the chance to enjoy EVERSPACE at a high quality gameplay experience even without owning a capable PC or console.” 

EVERSPACE™ is a modern interpretation of popular roguelike game mechanics combined with fast-paced 3D space battles that can be played in either 3rd person or cockpit perspective.  Featuring an unusually deep story for the genre, EVERSPACE™ follows the story of a cloned fighter pilot seeking answers to his fragmented memories while exploring a debris-filled demilitarized zone populated by outlaws, alien patrols, and other deadly enemies.

Debut title of the independent developer studio ROCKFISH Games, EVERSPACE™ is, at the time of publication, is the most successful German video game to have been Kickstarted. Among other laurels, the first work of the Hamburg studio was awarded the “Early Access Platinum Graduate of 2017” award from Steam and nominated in the categories “Best Graphics”, “Best Game Design” and “Best PC / Console Game” at the German Developer Award 2017.

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