Rogue Company Unveils Three Wishes Event Pass, New Ranked Season, and Highcastle Omega Map

Today marks an exciting day for fans of Hi-Rez’s 3rd-person team shooter, Rogue Company, as they release the Three Wishes Update. This update includes the launch of a new Event Pass, a new Ranked Season, and the introduction of the Highcastle Omega map.

Three Wishes Event Pass

The Three Wishes Event Pass offers 35 levels of rewards, including the Cyber Neko Phantom Legendary Outfit, the Lava Lamp Epic Rocket Pack, weapon wraps, emotes, and supply drops that can unlock even more outfits. Players can purchase the base bundle for 700 Rogue Bucks or the elite bundle for 3000 Rogue Bucks.

New Ranked Season

With the commencement of Year 3 Season 2, player rankings have been reset and rewards have been granted accordingly. This provides a fresh start for all current and aspiring elite players to vie for the top spots on the leaderboards.

Highcastle Omega Map

The popular Highcastle map has been given an upgrade in the form of Highcastle Omega. This new version features a striking visual update, as well as new combat spaces and routes. Players can enjoy Highcastle Omega in various modes, while the original Highcastle map remains in the rotation.

Return of Intel Rogue Role

The Three Wishes Update also sees the return of the ‘Intel’ gameplay role. Intel Rogues specialize in obtaining information on enemy positions to turn engagements in their favor. Positioned between Support and Duelist, they can hold their own while putting themselves at risk for the team.

The update comes with balance changes for Rogues, modes, and weapons, including a significant identity adjustment for LMGs. With an array of new content, features, and updates, Rogue Company’s Three Wishes Update offers a new level of excitement for its players.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Andriod, iOS, Xbox Series X|S, GeForce Now

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