Rogue-Lite Shooter ‘Die After Sunset’ Free Playtest Week

PQube and developer Playstark are thrilled to invite players to play third-person rogue-lite ‘Die After Sunset’ during a Free Playtest Week on Steam from 20th August!

  • Try Die After Sunset for yourself, and play for free from August 20th – 30th, 2021!
  • Rogue-lite gameplay featuring permanent upgrades and meta-progression
  • Playtest gives players the chance to try out the game, and help shape development with feedback in the Die After Sunset Discord serve
  • Free multiplayer update, many more arenas, characters, game modes, and more to come with a detailed roadmap setting out the next few months of the game
  • Between stages, unlock a variety of new gameplay stats, items, abilities, and playable characters.

Playtest participants can join the Die After Sunset discord server to share their thoughts and feedback with the development team, helping to shape the future of the game.

During its Early Access period, Die After Sunset is set to receive a series of updates, adding brand new levels, enemies, weapons, and more.

With 4 updates across the next year, Die After Sunset will more than double in content by launch.

With dozens of items, gear, abilities, and perks to synergize together on each run, you must prepare yourself to become as powerful as you can before the sunsets!

With unique light and darkness mechanics where the clumsy Murkor’s turn into vicious intergalactic beasts in the shadows, battle against the clock to thwart their invasion and save the world!

Every run is a different challenge, with procedurally generated enemies, quests, perks, and loot drops. Synergize your weapons, gear, and abilities to make every run count!

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