Roll20Con is Back!

Everyone’s favorite virtual tabletop, Roll20, is equipping their players and GMs for the sixth annual Roll20Con on November 12th through November 14th, 2021. Roll20Con is a celebration of tabletop games and the community, all to raise money for a good cause. Over the course of three days, the online tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) community comes together to dungeon crawl their way through various campaigns, “meet up” and chat with new party members, and check out the latest Roll20 product updates with a look towards the future of the virtual tabletop platform. You especially won’t want to miss Sunday’s Product Announcement streaming live on November 14th, 2021 at 2:00 PM here.

This year, Roll20 will be partnering with the charity Code2040, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending racial inequality within the tech industry. Throughout the three days, Roll20 will be partnering with streamers, publishers, and other members of the TTRPG industry to raise money. Fans can learn more about Code2040 and can also donate through here:

“Roll20Con is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the online tabletop community, while also giving back to our own industry and community at the same time,” said Amber Cook, Director of Marketing for Roll20. “We are able to receive so much joy, happiness, and connection from tabletop games, that it only makes sense to try and return some of that positivity back to the community that is giving it to us.”

At this year’s Roll20Con, attendees are also in for a variety of surprises, including a few exclusive announcements coming from Roll20. There will also be a preview of an exciting new title coming soon to the Roll20 Marketplace…so GMs, be sure to lead party members in the right direction, and hopefully, everyone makes it out in one piece.

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