RPG Maker MZ Preorders are now LIVE!

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. and DEGICA Co., Ltd. has started the preorder of the latest RPG creation tool for PC, RPG Maker MZ, (PC version / Steam version), including bundled versions.

Preorders for RPG Maker MZ Start Today, July 20th! All Preorder copies come with a free copy of MV plus bonus DLC!

Preorders for RPG Maker MZ are starting today, July 20th. During the preorder period, the cost will be $71.99, 10% off the release price. If you already own RPG Maker MV, you also get an extra 10% off, bringing the price down to only $63.99! Additionally, during the preorder period, you will receive a copy of RPG Maker MV, plus two DLC: the Character Generator Pack and the MV and MZ Remix Music Pack for free!

  • Preorder Bonuses:
    • Character Generator Pack

This pack will give you even more component pieces to use in the RPG Maker MZ Character Generator! With the theme of children and the elderly, this pack will add many new possible looks to your generated characters

MZ Character

  • MV and MZ Remix Music Pack

This pack contains 26 Remixes of select songs from RPG Maker MV and MZ! It also includes 4 additional new songs, for a total number of 30 extra tracks.

MV and MZ

Buy during the Preorder period and get RPG Maker MV Free!

To commemorate the start of the preorder of RPG Maker MZ, every person who preorders will receive a free copy of RPG Maker MV! If you don’t have MV yet, it is the perfect occasion to complete your collection, try out the first Javascript RPG Maker while you wait for MZ, and also get all the MV Resources to use in MZ!


RPG Maker MZ Bundle and Bundle S available!

But that isn’t all, we also have two bundle versions, the RPG Maker MZ Bundle that includes 3 additional DLC, and the RPG Maker MZ Bundle S that includes everything in the RPG Maker MZ Bundle as well as 2 more DLC. You will also be able to purchase each of these DLC individually.

  • RPG Maker MZ Bundle Contents

RPG Maker MZ, MZ Cover Art Characters Pack, MV Trinity Resource Pack, 3D Particle Effect Pack

  •  RPG Maker MZ Bundle included DLC
    • MZ Cover Art Characters Pack (Retail Price: $11.99)

The 16 characters of the Cover Art by ccR, brought to life with resources for your game. Comes with a Walking Graphic, SV Battler, faceset, bust, & full body picture for each character!  Additional BGM will also be included.

Character Pack

  • MV Trinity Resource Pack (Retail Price: $34.99)

Get the resources from RPG Maker MV Trinity! Never available on PC before, this set features more full character sets, more tiles, more battlers, more backgrounds, more music, just more. This pack has everything you need to make an entire game.


  • 3D Particle Effect Pack (Retail Price $14.99)

This set contains 100 new 3D particle animation effects to enhance your games skills and magic. Nearly double your variety of MZ animations with just this one pack.

3D Particle

  • RPG Maker MZ Bundle S

RPG Maker MZ, MZ Cover Art Characters Pack, MV Trinity Resource Pack, 3D Particle Effect Pack, Dark Fantasy Resource Pack, Essentials Set Z

  • RPG Maker MZ Bundle S Included DLC
    • Dark Fantasy Resource Pack (Retail Price $19.99)

Tilesets, BGM, character sets, all with the theme of Dark Fantasy. Perfect for creating a project with a bit of a different atmosphere. Bring the dark and brooding heroes and villains to your game.

Dark Fantasy

  • Essential Set Z (Retail Price: $24.99)

The Essential Set Z features new heroes, new enemies, and a collection of tilesets to enhance the RPG Maker MZ Medieval Fantasy resources!


  • Product outline
    • Product name: RPG Maker MZ
    • Release date: August 20, 2020 (Thursday)
    • Recommended retail price: $79.99 (regular version, tax included)

RPG Maker MZ Bundle $127,76 (tax included, 10% off of Engine and DLC Purchased Separately)

RPG Maker MZ Bundle S $158.90 (tax included, 15% off of Engine and DLC Purchased Separately)

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