RPG Spire of Sorcery Rolls Out Major Update Including First Story Mode and More

Charlie Oscar will release later today a new major update for their turn-based party RPG with deck mechanics, Spire of Sorcery, currently available on Steam Early Access, that features a new story mode plus other new additions, such as an upgraded encounter interface as well as some tweaks in the spellbook.

Players can enjoy the most important change in Spire of Sorcery so far, according to Charlie Oscar, with its new story mode. Chapter 1 is the first of the three included in the game, and it allows players to enjoy a completely different take on the game, and deepen its RPG features. All maps will be handmade, and every chapter will have encounters intertwined with stories, which will have consequences beyond the chapter where they happen — as well as unique visuals, creatures, and objects. Chapter 1 brings three separate stories with meaningful choices for the player to make, which will alter the outcome of each game, making exploration more rewarding and involving more the players and their choices in the overall storyline.
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The December update also features changes in the encounter interface. Now tokens are counter-based, which means that the screens are less cluttered, the progression of the opponents’ actions is radial and the character stats have received a facelift. All these changes have been implemented for the sake of clarity, offering more and better information to players. While still not fully implemented, the spellbook and spell mechanics also have been tweaked, so players will find a new spellbook interface.

On top of all this, there are visual improvements, such as new animations on the map, which will also show the impacts of the player’s decisions in the story (if something is destroyed, or saved, it will show — decisions have a real, visible impact). Characters in the player’s party will also now make comments and voice their opinion when they spot certain things, making the game feel more alive and reactive to each unique playthrough. There are many more quality-of-life improvements in this month’s update; you can read all the details about the update, as well as the roadmap for the next update, here.

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