Rumble in the Realm!

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Upcoming tournaments by Legion and Imperial, sponsored by NCSOFT.

With the introduction of Spectator Mode we’re doubling down on our support of the already burgeoning community tournament scene by sponsoring a pair of tournaments being run by Legion and Imperial. Learn more about how to get involved, and how to watch all the action.

Rumble in the Realm

The Rumble in the Realm is a special pair of double-elimination tournaments for North America and Europe, being run by Imperial (NA) and Legion (EU). We’re helping sponsor both community tournaments, and broadcasting their semifinals and Grand Finals for each region on our official Twitch channel and through the in-game Blade & Soul TV.

Be sure to follow Imperial and Legion on all the things, and visit their websites for ongoing updates and information.



Key Dates

Mark these on your calendar!

  • October 13: Registration signups end
    • 2pm PDT: Bracket seeds announced
  • October 15: EU Qualifiers @
  • October 16: NA Qualifiers @
  • October 21: Semifinals & Grand Finals live @
    • Europe: 10am PDT/5pm UTC
    • North America: 4pm PDT/11pm UTC

How to Participate

The tournaments are being run and managed by Imperial and Legion, and they’ve posted their own tournament participation handbook for participants to read. Please take note of the eligibility and gameplay requirements before signing up as participation may be restricted.

Signups are only open for a few days, so if you want to participate be sure to get your name in the hat as soon as possible.

North America – Sign Up Here

Europe – Sign Up Here

While NCSOFT is sponsoring the event and providing streaming support of the finals, please be aware that any tournament participation questions or issues will need to be addressed with Imperial and/or Legion directly, as we have no involvement in the actual tournament management or organization.

Thank you to everyone that signs up, and our special thanks to everyone at Legion and Imperial—and the countless participants and contributors—for their longstanding support of the competitive Blade & Soul Arena scene, and ongoing community tournament administration. Thank you!

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