Rumor — GTA 6 Information Leaked

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been on people’s minds for a long time … probably as soon as GTA Online launched for Grand Theft Auto 5. Gamers have been patiently waiting on what the next installment of the massively successful franchise will be, and we may have something if a leak from this past weekend is to be believed.

According to the leaked information that was uploaded to Pastebin and then saved to Reddit, the game will feature multiple cities with players starting in Liberty City as a small-time criminal and then eventually moving to Vice City to join a gang. Players will then be tasked to look after business in Liberty City and will eventually return to Vice City to become a drug lord.

The leak also claims that Rockstar already has an idea on when they are targeting the game’s release, but the developer first wants to look at the sales of the next-generation consoles (the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett). Apparently, Rockstar says the PlayStation 4, and presumably the Xbox One too, will not be able to run Grand Theft Auto 6 due to memory restrictions.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will also reportedly feature flashbacks in between missions … ala Red Dead Redemption 2 with certain shops selling different types of items in different eras. Stranger dialogue (which Rockstar implemented in RDR2) is said to be coming to the game too.

Rockstar has big plans for Grand Theft Auto 6’s online component as well. According to the leak, major content such as new towns will be involved. The developer is also said to be working with Sony and Microsoft to enable cloud gaming.

The leaker who shared this information is anonymous so there’s no way to confirm the authenticity of anything … as usual. However, as noted in the Reddit thread, the leak was taken down from Pastebin but not by its creator because it was uploaded by a guest account with an unlimited time stamp. Did Rockstar push for the information to be removed from the website? Who knows … Only time will tell as we wait.

In another GTA 6 leak comes from a non-traditional source for video game information — the company review website “Glassdoor.” A current Rockstar employee wrote in his “Advice to Management” section several sentences that spell out “GTA6LSVCLC.” This may be alluding to the locations of Grand Theft Auto 6, namely Los Santos, Vice City, and Liberty City.

It remains unclear when Rockstar will officially announce Grand Theft Auto 6, which reportedly started development as far back as 2016. If these rumors are true, it’s shaping up to be even bigger than Grand Theft Auto 5. From everything shown here, it is plausible that these leaks could be true. Rockstar has said in the past that it’s been considered to add more than one city to the next GTA game if it’s possible to do so, and with the information that Mark Cerny released on the PS5, that may be fully possible and then some! As far as GTA 6 on the Xbox Scarlett is concerned, we don’t know the official specs yet but GTA 6 on that system should be the same as PS5.

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