Ryu Games Launches Blackjack Boost for iOS

Ryu Games, a mobile gaming platform offering cash tournaments, today announced the launch of a new title on its platform, Blackjack Boost. Developed by Sharkbite Games, this is the next title in a series of mobile games that Ryu and Sharkbite will develop and publish for its growing mobile cash tournaments platform. Additionally, Ryu also revealed the launch of its Pearl Shop for players to redeem its in-game currency “Pearls” for fun and entertaining rewards. Blackjack Boost and Ryu’s extended catalog of mobile cash tournament games are available to US audiences on iOS devices.

Blackjack Boost blends the traditional game of 21 with Solitaire. Players can compete against real opponents for cash prizes, where available, or play against friends for fun. In Blackjack Boost, both competing players try to solve the same deck and the player with the most points wins. As a hypercasual title, the game is incredibly easy to pick up, while offering a deeper level of strategy. Another key benefit for players is being able to play free without ads.

Incentivizing players to make cash deposits is also integrated into Ryu’s gaming platform. Paying players are provided a premium experience; when users play with cash, they earn a Pearl bonus that allows them to purchase Pearl Shop items more quickly. Ryu’s reward-based mechanics drive high repeat visits and game matches among its paying players.

Ross Krasner, CEO of Ryu Games, said: “We’re dedicated to creating the highest quality games that are deeply engaging to drive heated matches between competitors and also fun to play with friends. Blackjack Boost is a perfect example of how we blend entertainment with competitive play, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Sharkbite to develop the next games to bring to our growing platform.”

Ryu’s mobile cash tournaments platform features 10 hyper-casual games and deep social feature integration, including in-game chat, detailed match history, leaderboards and more. Players can earn rewards for playing such as Pearls as well as cash rewards for completing tasks, like inviting friends. Play challenges and tasks differ across Ryu’s network of games, and rewards also include player customization items, such as game-specific skins.

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