Sandman and Shocker Join Marvel Contest of Champions as Spider-Foes Enter the Battle

Kabam has expanded the roster of the popular mobile fighting game, Marvel Contest of Champions, by introducing iconic Spider-Foes Sandman and Shocker in a new Champion Reveal Trailer titled “Just to Get a Rep.” With over 240 Champions in the game, players can also add legendary Marvel-inspired characters such as Doctor Doom, Venom, Scorpion, and Green Goblin to their collection.

Upon entering The Battlerealm, Shocker and Sandman seek to reconnect with their partners in crime, the Sinister Six, only to find that this mysterious world holds more than just familiar faces and old adversaries.

William Baker, also known as Flint Marko or Sandman, is a member of the Sinister Six and one of Spider-Man’s most enduring foes. Once a petty criminal, Sandman gained his powers after being accidentally exposed to experimental radiation that altered his molecular structure. With the ability to perform incredible feats of strength, grow to immense sizes, and shapeshift, Sandman poses a formidable challenge to Spider-Man.

Herman Schultz, the talented engineer turned expert safecracker, is known as the Shocker. Initially a small-time criminal, Schultz was captured and imprisoned before building a pair of gauntlets in the prison workshop that can fire compressed air as destructive shockwaves. After escaping from prison, Shocker’s criminal activities have been a constant thorn in Spider-Man’s side. While he may not always succeed, Shocker’s tenacity is undeniable.

Shocker will be available in-game on April 13, followed by Sandman on April 27. Fans can watch the two square off against Spider-Man in the Champion Reveal trailer and catch up on The Battlerealm with character Deep Dive and Special Moves content.

Platforms: Android, iOS

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