Satisfactory Update 5 Set to deploy on October 26th 2021

Coffee Stain Studios is pleased to reveal the much-anticipated Update 5 will launch in its otherworldly factory building sim on the Experimental Branch on Steam on October 26th, 2021.

The full list of content launching with Update 5 will be revealed at launch, but Coffee Stain Studios have already teased a small selection of the new features Pioneers can look forward to:

New cosmetic structures

  • A host of new buildable cosmetic structures are in the pipeline, as well as reworks and alternative versions of existing structures. Highlights include:
    • A deluge of brand new objects, including roofs, beams, ramp railings, barriers, small pillars, surface materials.
    • New types, and variations of existing objects, including Walls, ramps, railings, windows, walkways.
    • Significant changes and updates to the build system, featuring:
      • Increased freedom in how players can build through ‘hard and soft clearance mechanics’.
        • This feature adds an additional level of detail to which structures can overlap and clip through each other.
        • This is a highly anticipated feature to allow for more creative builds.
  • Brand new build mode called Zooping
    • This gives the player the ability to mass construct foundations, walls, railings and more through simply clicking and dragging!

Automated driving improvements

  • Trucks getting lost in transit should be a thing of the past. Vehicles have better obstacle handling and are now fitted with a system to get them back on track whenever they go AWOL.
  • There are multiple other improvements to vehicle automation, including improved visuals when viewing them from a distance, intelligent fuel management systems, as well as being able to share recorded paths between vehicles.
  • Alongside a significant improvement to the vehicle automation system, the Truck Station will see a rework. The Truck Station is getting a face lift with a new model as well as an additional input and output port – doubling the Truck Station’s throughput. The UI is also getting a makeover and will feature additional logistics information.

Northern Forest rework

  • Northern Forest and its surrounding areas (Maze Canyon and Lake Forest) will receive a complete visual overhaul.
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