Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition: Remastered Platformer Shoot-Em-Up Set to Launch on Multiple Platforms

D-Pad Studio, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Owlboy, is commemorating the 10-year anniversary of their debut title, Savant – Ascent, by launching a remastered version called Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition. This enhanced shoot-em-up platformer is set to release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile platforms this summer, offering a refreshed experience with new content, stages, bosses, power-ups, and an original soundtrack created by renowned Norwegian musician Savant.

Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition puts players in the role of the Alchemist, who has been expelled from his tower by an unknown force. The objective is to ascend back to the summit, with player movement constrained to two platforms at all times, whether they are moving elevators or space debris. To survive the perilous journey, players must eliminate attacking enemies with rapid bursts of magic missiles and execute precise dashes and jumps to navigate between the two platforms.

The remastered edition elevates the original Savant – Ascent experience by introducing new dashing abilities for outmaneuvering foes, epic bosses designed exclusively for the anniversary edition, and a new ‘Survival Mode’ that features greater numbers of enemies. In Survival Mode, players face formidable bosses who appear without warning while attempting to endure the Endless Elevator.

Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition offers a unique way to immerse yourself in a musical artist’s world like never before. The game is based on the universe of Savant and was developed in collaboration with Simon S. Andersen of D-Pad Studio, known for Owlboy and Vikings On Trampolines. Players can enjoy Savant’s unparalleled genre-blending as they collect new pieces of the soundtrack and remixes throughout the game. Additionally, the game provides an option to customize personal playlists while playing.

Experience the thrilling remastered version of D-Pad Studio’s debut title, Savant – Ascent, with Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition. With revamped gameplay, new content, and an engaging original soundtrack, fans of the platformer shoot-em-up genre will have a blast when the game releases on multiple platforms this summer.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Andriod, iOS

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