Scathe Receives Guiding Light Update Adding New Features and Bug Fixes

Kwalee and three-person developer Damage State are pleased to bring a new update 1.0 ‘Guiding Light’ to Scathe, the adrenaline-fueled bullet hell FPS. The new update brings updated maps, fast travel, a new objectives system, an improved tutorial system, and some minor bug fixes.

Scathe also gets a limited-time discount with the new ‘Guiding Light’ update. Scathe is available now for PC for £14.99 GBP/€17.24 EUR/$18.74 USD. The offer is only valid for a week and ends on October 7th, 2022.

Updated Maps

Scathe will get an updated map system so that zones containing Dark Magic spells, new weapons, and bosses will be signposted on the World Map using new icons.

The zones you’ve already visited will contain information about how many runes you’ve collected, what weapon you picked up there, what spell you picked up there, and your overall percentage completion for that zone.

There is also a zone map, so you can see clearly where you are in each zone, how many possible exits there are, and how you’ll need to navigate through the zone if you want to reach one of them.

Fast Travel

We want you to have the smoothest possible trip through Hell, so we’ve added fast travel to Scathe.

This means you won’t have to backtrack through zones if you need to pick up runes, find spells, or simply enjoy a blood-splattered romp through a zone you particularly enjoy.

All you need to do is click on a zone you’ve already visited and it will give you the option to fast travel there. If the zone has multiple entrances/exits, you’ll be placed at the entrance where you originally entered the zone, so you can replay your past glory.

New Objectives System

Every zone now comes with a banner that contains a list of objectives, which will help guide you on your journey through the fiery depths of the underworld.

These objectives will encourage you to find a certain number of runes in each zone, point you in the direction of exits that lead to weapons/spells/bosses, and much more. As you accomplish each objective, it will be marked off of the checklist, for that extra sense of demonic achievement.

If you want a real challenge, there is also a speedrun time set for each zone.

Improved Tutorial System

We’ve fleshed out our tutorial system to include more in-depth information on how to use new weapons, Dark Magic spells, and Demon Mode.

Much like the Demon Compendium, you can access this information at any time in the main menu, so all of that demon-slaying knowledge is at your fingertips!

Prompts for the face wipe and dash will now no longer be in the sidebar like the tutorials, but will instead be a stronger prompt in the middle of the screen.

Fixed bugs:

  • Voiceovers and subtitles going missing during gameplay;
  • The host and client both being able to drop out of the world in a certain special door within Zone 34;
  • The host and client being able to escape the world yet again through the Guardian Doors for Scourge and Chaos;
  • The achievements “Such Sin” and “Scathe Too” not triggering properly when completed;
  • The game occasionally crashing for one or multiple clients during co-op games after all lives were lost;
  • Too many Scuttlers spawning during the fight with Scourge, causing FPS drops;
  • The walls in Zone 28 appear to be misaligned with the floor;
  • A pillar in Zone 47 appears to be misaligned with the environment.
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