Sci-Fi ARPG Killsquad Smashes Launch Week Sales!

Independent developer Novarama, today celebrated the successful Steam Early Access launch of Killsquad, their hit sci-fi ARPG game and revealed that the franchise doubled their week one sales target by surpassing over 65,000 units sold. Only a day after releasing on Early Access, Killsquad topped Steam’s Best Selling Games list, a rare occurrence for a game still in development, which proves that Novarama is onto something special.

In the first week over 650 million contracts were completed by the Killsquad community, averaging 5000 concurrent players from 80+ countries. According to, it even became the second fastest growing new title on Twitch by total viewership. The unexpected popularity of the game in Asian markets, encouraged Novarama to localise it to Korean and Japanese, in addition to seven other languages Killsquad is already translated to.

“We are truly blown away by the highly positive reception Killsquad has received during the Early Access launch,” said Game Director Dani Sanchez-Crespo. “This motivates us to continue our hard work catering to the growing player base and acknowledging its feedback with continuous patches and updates. With such an involved community, the future of Killsquad is looking bright.”

Already actively communicating with players via ever growing Killsquad Discord channel, the development team will soon begin a new initiative, Killsquad Live, where the game becomes a living experience structured around timed events and exclusive rewards. Bounty Hunters from around the Globe will be further engaged as they meet the developers via real-time streaming of Gatherings of Bounty Hunters, Q&A sessions from Novarama’s facilities to collectively discuss the game’s roadmap and share their ideas. With a community centric outlook, Novarama has already released new updates and are working on new features for the upcoming first major update UNSEEN, which will rollout at the end of August.

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