Dyson Sphere Program, an upcoming sci-fi simulation game by Youthcat Games, got a 10 minutes-long gameplay trailer at the Gamera Game Now! – Tokyo Game Show conference.

Dyson Sphere Program creates a brand new universe in each run, a huge map for players to build the foundations of their own great interstellar factory. In the early game, its gameplay may remind of other automatic production games such as Factorio and Satisfactory. Players expand their production line step by step through collection, construction, assembly and research, but it’s obviously not enough to achieve the ultimate goal: to build a Dyson Sphere, a fictional mechanism capable of harnessing the power of a whole star to produce energy.

Dyson Sphere Program is not based just on one planet: the resources of a single planet are not enough to build a Dyson Sphere. However, there are countless planets in the universe, after all. Players can operate a robot scout named “Icarus” to explore the whole universe in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

Therefore, in the game players need to travel to other planets, build different assembly lines on multiple planets to produce different resources, and connect the production between stars and planets through interstellar logistics. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful universe while flying across the stars!

Today’s video at the Gamera Game Now! – Tokyo Game Show presents a 10-minutes long video of alpha gameplay footage, including comments by Randy S, voice actor who dubbed AI MOSS in the Chinese sci-fi film The Wandering Earth.

Dyson Sphere Program will be released on Steam in Q1 2021. The game will be published by Gamera Game, which has published other amazing indie games such as Amazing Cultivation Simulator, ParanormalHK, Iconoclasts, Rime, etc. Youthcat Games is a team of five game developers based in Chongquing, China and Dyson Sphere Program is their debut game.

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