Sci-Fi VR Adventure Hubris Launches Accompanied by Major Update

3D animation and VR specialist Cyborn is eager to confirm that Hubris, the studio’s VR action-adventure designed to drive the genre forward, has received its first major update since launch.

Available today, the update includes improved combat – with a wider variation of enemies and improved AI, better gun aiming, and an alternative fire mode to make the shotgun more unique and useful. Players will now also find they require fewer resources to upgrade guns as well as auto gun-load while speed swapping between guns. In addition, the update also unlocks an overhauled menu system with more options to alter the graphical settings and gameplay in general and an option to disable gameplay hints.

In short, it’s a response to the feedback received from Hubris’ amazing player base so far, with developer Cyborn confirming it’s also added localization for Chinese and Dutch, once again thanks to feedback from fans.

Hubris, which is available to download on Steam, stands as a VR action-adventure game set in an absorbing and mystical Universe. Deployed as a recruit of the Order of Objectivity (or OOO for short), players will find themselves stepping out onto the Twin planet system to search for agent Cyana. Survival in Hubris comes down to shooting, swimming, climbing, and jumping your way through a hostile world in the midst of being terraformed.

Developer Cyborn set out to deliver immersive 3D graphics and motion capture, with Hubris comprising a blend of visuals, sound, and technology formulated to produce unforgettable and engaging worlds. The end result is a captivating adventure specifically designed from the ground up for VR platforms, allowing players to move around its environment in an all-encompassing, engaging manner.

Hubris is available on Desktop VR platforms for €39.99/£34.99/$39.99. Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, and some other unannounced platforms will be available later in 2023. Cyborn can also announce the game is currently available with a 25% discount for a limited period in order to celebrate the new update.

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