Secret Neighbor on Roblox: Multiplayer Horror Thrills Unleashed Today!

Roblox, the popular online gaming platform, is about to get a thrilling infusion of horror as the world of Hello Neighbor arrives in the form of the multiplayer experience, Secret Neighbor. Developed in collaboration with experienced Roblox development studio Amber, publisher tinyBuild, and Secret Neighbor developers Hologryph, this latest addition to the Hello Neighbor franchise is set to captivate fans with its chilling gameplay. Secret Neighbor is now available on PC and Mobile systems, with an Xbox version soon to follow.

Secret Neighbor on Roblox faithfully replicates the cult hit spinoff game, allowing players to immerse themselves in the twisted town of Raven Brooks. The objective is to either play as the investigating kids or take on the role of the malevolent Mr. Peterson himself. Players will need to collect exclusive Hello Neighbor cosmetics that can be used across all of Roblox to enhance their gaming experience.

In Secret Neighbor’s main game mode, up to six players join forces to explore five twisted maps. Their goal is to find the keys to the exit and escape, using each of the six kid’s special class abilities to outwit, evade, and exploit every opportunity for victory. However, unbeknownst to the team, one player has been randomly chosen to become the cunningly disguised Mr. Peterson. This player can assume one of three unhinged forms: the Neighbor, the Butcher, or the Clown. The suspense is palpable as the kids must work together to crack the case and avoid falling prey to Mr. Peterson’s wicked plans.

But Secret Neighbor isn’t just about sneaking and evasion. The game also features Brawl mode, which offers a collection of free-for-all and team-based multiplayer challenges. Players can engage in pop-gun standoffs, snowball fights, or try their hand at Prop Hunt, where disguising oneself as an ordinary object is the key to survival. From disguising as a kid to transforming into a chair, there’s no shortage of knockabout fun. With all Brawl modes playable across every map, the possibilities for enjoyment and challenge are nearly limitless.

After the adrenaline-filled action, players can unwind and socialize in the Secret Neighbor experience hub. This immersive, explorable lobby space allows users to meet, goof around, and easily organize games in any of the available modes. Hello Neighbor fans will be delighted to explore the area as it is filled with easter eggs and references to the rest of the franchise, adding an extra layer of excitement.

To top it all off, the Secret Neighbor experience introduces exclusive Hello Neighbor cosmetics, which players can obtain from the Roblox store. These cosmetics allow gamers to dress for suspense and bring a touch of Raven Brooks’ charm wherever they go.

The Secret Neighbor Experience is available today on Roblox. Players can join in the fun on PC and mobile by either joining the official Roblox group, accessing the Roblox Player directly, or searching for Secret Neighbor in the Roblox search bar. Xbox users can look forward to joining the spooky adventure in the near future. Don’t miss out on the thrills and chills that await in Secret Neighbor on Roblox!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox Series X and Series S, Mac operating systems, Fire OS

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