Seek Salvation From The Night in Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt

Villainous Games Studio is set to send shivers down players’ spines with their upcoming stealth survival horror game, Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt. Combining the nail-biting tension of the horror genre with the replayability of roguelites, this single-player nightmare promises a chilling experience like no other. Prepare to face the Devourer and navigate the ominous Farmlands of Luna Nova in search of salvation.

Demo Debuting at Steam Next Fest

To give players a taste of the spine-tingling terror that awaits, Villainous Games Studio will be releasing a demo of Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt during Steam Next Fest on June 19th. This provides an exciting opportunity for horror enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the game’s atmosphere and gameplay mechanics before its full release.

Stealth, Survival, and Strategy

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt puts players in the shoes of an appointed Warden, entrusted with the task of collecting precious ambrosia amidst the cursed village of Luna Nova. As night falls, the Devourer lurks, ready to claim its next victim. To survive, Wardens must rely on their strategic decision-making and adaptability. The game’s emphasis on stealth requires players to navigate the dangerous cornfields of Luna Nova, sneaking, hiding, and moving in the shadows to evade the monstrous threat. Sacrificing health becomes a necessary trade-off to obtain essential tools for survival and gather valuable resources for the village.

Roguelite Elements and Narrative Depth

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt incorporates roguelite elements, offering players the opportunity to embark on multiple 10-15 minute runs. Each night of the hunt presents randomized challenges, forcing players to make strategic choices and tailor their approach by selecting tools that counter the ever-changing threats they face. The game’s narrative aspect is not forgotten, as players will encounter a vibrant cast of characters, piecing together their stories and the dark truth behind Luna Nova’s curse through fragments of the villagers’ past.

Immersive Atmosphere and Haunting Soundtrack

Prepare to be fully immersed in the eerie and macabre world of Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt. The game features dense, hand-drawn environments that envelop players in darkness and uncertainty. Every corner holds the potential for lurking horrors, ready to pounce when least expected. The unsettling atmosphere is further heightened by the haunting score composed by Jeff Broadbent, known for his work on titles like Resident Evil and Assassin’s Creed. Together, the visuals and soundscapes create an experience that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

Await the Harvest

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is slated to release on PC in 2023, promising to terrify players with its blend of stealth, survival, and strategic decision-making. For those who can’t wait to face the horrors of the night, the demo will be available during Steam Next Fest on June 19th. Wishlist the game on Steam today and prepare to confront the Devourer, or risk being consumed by the darkness that looms over Luna Nova.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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