Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Beach Splash PC Review

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is a well-developed anime title, the graphics, sounds, and gameplay are top notch. It’s a bit raunchy but the PVP has major depth and customizability. Ranked matches make the game very competitive, building your character to your playstyle raise the level of strategy in game. PVE was not really enjoyable it lost our attention after the first few arcs and the AI was horrible. We love PVP so its worth the purchase, just don’t let your significant other find you messing around in the dressing room!!
  • PVP has a ton of depth with the customization
  • Build your shinobi to your play style
  • Graphics are crisp and amazing
  • Movement in fluid and responsive
  • Ranked play!
  • PVE was lack luster
  • AI was horrible
  • Ultrawide monitor resolution not available
  • No mouse speed adjustment
  • A few bugs to address from being a port over
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Replayability - 7
Controls - 6

So, for those of you who don’t know what Senran Kagura is, these games go back about 6 years or so. Female ninjas called the Shinobis have one major thing in common, yes of course they all fight like bad ass ninja warriors, but I think today we are going to have to go with the commonality of really large boobs. These boobs of course noticeably bounce all over your screen at any given moment. I know what your going to say why would I pay $49 to see anime boobs? Can’t I just go visit an anime site to see boobs like these? Yah you could… but your going to miss out on pretty some phenomenal PVP game-play! Seriously this game has much more depth then its cover shows.


This game has been out for a while on PlayStation 4 so lets first dive into our experience on PC. We use a 2560×1080 monitor at 200mhz here at HQ unfortunately the game does not support ultrawide monitors currently. We ended up switching the settings to 2560 x 1440 at 60mhz which cut off a part of the screen at the top. The game still looked great and felt smooth, but it would have been nice to see it at proper screen resolution. Peach Beach is well-developed graphics, gameplay, sound, you can just tell it was coded by professionals.


We kicked it off with some “Single Splash” which is the base story mode, they also have “Paradise Splash” which is a faster paced more condensed story-line. Both modes help you learn the games in and outs preparing for the PVP challenges to come. We would have preferred to use the mouse and keyboard but there was an issue with the mouse speed and no in game adjustability, we think it was due to having the ability to use the proper screen resolution. We ended up using an Xbox controller which was actually super easy if you use with auto aim mode, this of course can be turned off by a player and in game modes. Although we did not get to try the co-op PVE mode in all honesty the PVE was not that exciting, the fun in this game comes in the PVP modes and it’s “so EPIC”. You could also grope and tickle your character with water in the PVE “Dressing Room” mode but that lasted all of 5 minutes, no pun intended!


We completed a few of the arcs which earned us card decks, each character has 3 slots which allows for a ton of customization. Cards range from offensive/defensive pets, passives, shields, boosts you can really build your character out to your play-style. The element of strategy it adds to the game in comparison to let’s say Overwatch really amps up the competition. Each set of weapons changes your character mechanics, but everything revolves around your water tank management. Our favorite weapon for example the dual hand guns she reloads and shoots super-fast but her water tanks so small you can’t fly at all or slide for long. You get a little burst boost to her jump with dual hand guns so turning and shooting is still on the table but its not as effective as other weapons. Sliding is by far the most awesome mechanic its almost necessary for some weapons like the Gatling gun which has a high-water tank capacity abut a slow reload time. You really need to use your slide or flying ability to get line of site and reload, one Gatling gun clip can do some serious damage to your opponent. Pick your poison there are many weapons to choose from in combination with a good set of cards can make for some exciting PVP. You will also have several PVP modes to choose from team battle, squirmy showdown, capture the bra. Yes, there is ranked play!


Remember this is a port over to PC so there will be issues here and there. If you had the wrong idea about this game, don’t. Is it a bit raunchy? Yeah. Will you have tons of fun? Most likely. If my significant other walks in the room will they throw something at me? Of course. Who really cares though! It’s a great game enjoy it!


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