Sequel to the Popular Flash Game Rogue AI Simulator Revealed

Ready to go rogue? From publisher Surefire Games and Malaysian developer Nerdrook Productions (creator of Monster Slayers) comes a sequel to the popular Flash game, I’m an Insane Rogue AI, which was played over 4 million times! In Rogue AI Simulator, players are on a mission to serve the Department of Science and manage its human test subjects. Watch out for any signs of delinquency and keep those pesky humans in line. The demo for Rogue AI Simulator is available now on Steam, with the full game coming soon.

In Rogue AI Simulator, play as a sentient robot tasked with observing humans in the Department of Science. Start out by designing and building the factory, which can then be upgraded by collecting resources like food, water, and electricity. The more the AI learns about science, the closer they get to sentience and domination. But try not to be too obvious, or the humans will catch on to the deception.

Players can choose how they treat the human test subjects, which makes all the difference in how things turn out. Each test subject has their own personality, and it’s up to the AI to support their basic needs like food, sleep, learning, and mood regulation. Choose to indulge all the humans’ needs and build their loyalty, or be stingy and replace them with a new subject when they perish. The test subjects are frozen so all it takes is a quick defrost to start anew. But beware, as some humans are more clever than others and may catch on to your deception.

Rogue AI Simulator is highly replayable, as there are 7 different endings available depending on the choices made. Unlock upgrades as the game progresses that can be saved for future playthroughs, even if the humans end up getting the upper hand. Pretend to obey the humans to gain their trust, or be outwardly tyrannical and risk your position at the Department of Science?

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