Sergey Karshkov: The Gaming Industry’s Shifting Demographics

The old stereotype of the gaming market consisting solely of young males has been definitively shattered in recent years. This outdated assumption does not even begin to do justice to the shifting makeup of the industry, which has grown to become one of the most diverse of all entertainment sectors.

The landscape of the gaming industry has changed completely, and perceptions must evolve along with it. The industry is currently being shaped and enjoyed by demographics formerly never associated with gaming – at least, not to the extent that we see today. The sector’s meteoric rise and broad appeal are winning over an ever-growing and increasingly diverse base of gamers, subscribers and fans.

Expansion of the sector’s appeal has culminated in significant diversification of gaming’s pool of users. Eager to seize on this opportunity, companies have been forced to re-evaluate their thinking, shifting focus from thinking in ‘young male’ terms to instead develop games that cater for audiences of all tastes, ages, genders and backgrounds.

As a result of its diversification, the gaming industry has mushroomed in size, at the same time expanding its ability to create content that resonates with a wider demographic. This has triggered a more virtuous growth cycle, paving the way for the industry to become still more inclusive and diverse.

Sergey Karshkov is the founder of the 9 Pandas marketing agency, and he takes a keen interest in the shifting norms and dynamics that characterize the gaming sector. Mr Karshkov leverages his insights and expertise to support businesses operating across a broad range of markets, including the gaming industry.

Following the sizeable shift in the gaming sector’s status quo, betting and casino fans are increasingly choosing online platforms as their preferred mode of betting and virtual gaming. This trend holds true for bettors and gamers all over the world, thanks to technological advancements made over the past few years. Without doubt, the introduction and implementation of new and modified technological innovations has forever changed the services provided by online casino operators.

Today, consumers can make payments in new and more convenient ways. In addition, they have much more choice in terms of the types of games they want to play. There is also more variety in terms of previously existing games. Take for example the virtual reality escape room, and a whole host of other new game genres consumers have to choose from. Online casino operators can now quickly and easily assist customers, with bettors benefiting from these new and exciting platforms and the technological innovations that support them.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are having a transformative impact on the industry too. One example is Oculus Quest 2, which has revolutionized gaming – providing players with an immersive, real-life gaming experience.

Online casinos have also begun to embrace AR and VR technologies over the past few years. These two technologies have been paving the way for development of the iGaming sector, lending it a competitive edge over the competition. Today, consumers can feel free to choose any online gaming platform that is compatible with their device, allowing them to play on the go and making gaming much more convenient and fun.

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