Severed Steel FPS Will Launch This Year

Fluid stunt system, no weapon reloads, destructible voxel environments, and a unique one-armed protagonist.

Indie publisher Digerati and developer Greylock Studio are delighted to announce Severed Steel is scheduled to launch Q3 2021 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

A single-player FPS, Severed Steel casts players in the role of Steel. After losing an arm in an accident, Steel is abandoned – like many before her – by nefarious mega-corporation, EdenSys.

Inspired by games such as Black, Mirror’s Edge, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life mod ‘The Specialists’, Severed Steel focuses on nimble, acrobatic combat and features a fluid stunt system. Steel can wall run, dive, slide, and flip around the destructible environments that comprise EdenSys’ Arctic superstructure.

Steel’s residual limb means she can’t reload weapons. When a gun is out of ammo, she must find a replacement, which often means stealing a weapon straight from the hands of an enemy. During the campaign, Steel is fitted with a permanent secondary weapon – an arm cannon capable of blowing holes in pretty much anything that gets in its way.

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“I’ve always loved shooters and felt my skills as a game developer were ready for a new challenge,” says Larrabee. “The core concept of an acrobatic shooter in a destructible voxel environment has persisted from the start. The intensity of the action and gameplay has increased over time thanks to feedback from testers – they have reacted positively to amplifying the combat and trimming out anything that stands in the way of that.”

“I want Severed Steel to give players a feeling of entering a flow state in a chaotic environment. I want them to find themselves diving through the air, only a couple rounds left in their magazine, with bullets whizzing by, rockets tearing up the environment, but they feel if they stay sharp they can come out on top.”

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