Shadow Arena development team answers community questions and lays out future roadmap

Recently, the developers behind Shadow Arena sat down to answer some of the community’s burning questions and to reveal much of the game’s roadmap of upcoming content. This video Q&A highlights many exciting changes that are in store for the free to play Battle Royale Hero brawler that is currently in early access on Steam.

See the list below for all of the key takeaways talked about by the development team:

  • Console release and crossplay – The development team announced that Shadow Arena is indeed coming to console and will support crossplay!
  • MOBA mode in Shadow Arena – Players will soon be able to play Shadow Arena in a completely different way, as a MOBA! This new mode is currently under development with more updates to come.
  • Extensive UI overhaul – Damage numbers will be added to the game! This is one of the most requested features by the community and is just the start of new changes coming to the UI.
  • Select new skills before the battle starts – The team wants to ensure that players have the most robust choices available before entering battle and are working on this as a potential new feature for the future.
  • Enhanced clan system – The clan system is being improved and will be fully supported by all of the recently introduced modes.
  • Even more new heroes – New heroes will continue to be added to Shadow Arena every three weeks with a total roster of twenty joining the fray by the end of the year.
  • Improved tournament system – The tournament system continues to be refined and polished with in depth testing on Asian servers.
  • All new Trio competitive mode – This new mode will introduce unique rules with new mechanics to shake things up in battle and is scheduled to arrive later this month.
  • Premium items coming soon – Players will be able to get a hold of a swath of new premium items including emotes and all new weapon skins.

Stay tuned for more developer updates as Shadow Arena inches closer to launch! You can check out the official website for all the latest news and updates.

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