Shadow Arena hero Venslar reworked for new gameplay changes

Pearl Abyss today announced that Venslar, the youngest disciple of Enslar, has been reworked to fit Shadow Arena’s new gameplay system, Trio Mode. Trio Mode dramatically changes Shadow Arena – orienting the game around 3v3 class-based combat.

In the new Shadow Arena, Venslar is classified as a Support hero, but with numerous options for damage. She maintains her distinct ability to switch between her Courage Stance (offensively oriented and specializing in short-range combat) and Patience Stance (where her skills shine in a defensive support role).

While her Courage Stance’s short-range attacks have stayed the same, Venslar’s Patience Stance has been revamped with new Support skills, including:

  • Sacred Barrier creates a holy wall around Venslar, giving a defensive buff to all the teammates close to her.
  • Breath of Ellion releases a chargeable healing and speed-boosting energy wave, granted to Venslar’s teammates. The longer it is charged, the greater the buff’s effect.
  • Judgment of Light brings down heavenly retribution to target enemies from a long distance, knocking them to the ground and stunning them momentarily. It also heals Venslar’s teammates.
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