Shantae Classic Game Boy Color Game Coming to Nintendo Switch

Back in 2001, a brand-new game came out, and it was called Shantae. Shantae. Shantae is a platform-adventure game. Players play as the eponymous Shantae, a half-genie who must travel across various areas to stop the evil lady pirate Risky Boots. Shantae’s default attack involves using her hair as a whip. Shantae can also use gems obtained from defeated enemies to purchase items, such as life-restoring potions and damaging items with various uses, and learn upgraded combat moves.

The game features five towns, with multiple areas filled with enemies and obstacles in between them. To progress through the game, Shantae must seek various characters who will open dungeons. Each dungeon contains a guardian genie that will teach Shantae a new dance. Using these dances, Shantae can transform herself into different animals, including a monkey that can climb on walls, an elephant that can smash objects such as boulders and tree stumps, a spider that can climb across webbing in the background, and a harpy that can fly in mid-air. Shantae must use these abilities to reach new areas or find hidden items.

The game features a day and night cycle, with enemies becoming stronger during the night. During the nighttime, players can collect hidden fireflies, with a reward available for collecting them all. Other collectible creatures include Warp Squids, which are squid-shaped items hidden within dungeons, and which can be given to more giant mother squids in each town in exchange for the ability to warp there instantly. Finally, heart vessels can be obtained to increase Shantae’s maximum health. The game also features various minigames, such as dancing or gambling, to earn additional gems. Well, starting in 2 days, Shantae will be on Nintendo Switch.

The original Shantae is back and coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 22,” reads an official blurb that accompanies the announcement. “Initially launched in 2002, Shantae is the acclaimed action-adventure-platformer that is often considered one of the most impressive Game Boy Color games ever produced. In this pixel-perfect adaptation, Shantae hair-whips, dances, and transforms as she seeks out four elemental stones throughout Sequin Land to put a stop to the nefarious lady pirate, Risky Boots!” Shantae is back in an all-new tropical adventure! In her fifth outing, the Half-Genie hero gains new Fusion Magic abilities to explore a vast sunken city, makes new Half-Genie friends, and battles the Seven Sirens in her biggest, most thrilling quest yet! Featuring multiple towns and more labyrinths than ever before, an extraordinary aquatic journey full of danger and discovery awaits!

Key Features:

  • Traverse an expansive, interconnected world above and below the sea!
  • Use Fusion Magic to change instantly between new creature forms!
  • Belly dance to activate machinery, restore health, and more!
  • Collect and power up with Monster Cards!
  • Enjoy minigames, acquire magic and items, and uncover secrets!
  • Gorgeously animated TV-style cutscenes!
  • All-new characters and returning favorites like Rottytops, Sky, Bolo, and the nefarious pirate Risky Boots!”
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