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Posted by TropaionTV follow him on YouTube

I have always been one for a good role-playing games and Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is no different. The sheer enjoyment of embarking on a new journey and growing attached to the characters and their stories remain true with me even to this day. Nowadays it is hard for a game like this, that is brought up through Kickstarter to lure me in, but sometimes you need to make that gamble and this game did not disappoint.

Shiness starts off with two main characters, Chado and Poky who crash land in an unforgiving land while starting off on their adventure. As you make your way through the game you will be tested by completing puzzles using each character’s unique abilities and skills, squaring off against enemies and encountering new allies. Unlike other role-playing games which tend to me more turn-based, this game uses an arena style combat system. This game tests your metal by making you and your enemies perform combo’s, dodging and parrying attacks as well as casting magic. Though you must channel the right element to restore your magic power.

Though the combat plays a vital role of engagement in this game. Nothing can compare to the graphics. This game has such vibrant colors and scenery that you tend to get lost while enjoying your surroundings. This game could be considered open world where you can freely roam where you please but it is separated into segments which are combined with loading screens. This does not bother me in the least as it is still open to exploring.

This game is not very long as you can beat this game within a span of 15 hours or less but it is filled with plenty of texts and cutscenes for character and story development. Which for any true fan of the series, this is a god send.

I can say without a doubt that this game, though doubtful at the start did not disappoint. I found myself engrossed in the characters and the beautiful scenery of this game as well as the story driving each character. Though this game is far from perfect I can safely say that I enjoyed my experience with this game to the utmost. If this game ever had a sequel, you can bet that I would pick it up in a heartbeat. If I had to score this game I would rate is 7 out of 10.

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