Shooter Orbital Bullet Shows off New Level in Trailer

Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab Invite Players to Join the Alpha on Discord and Showcase Brand New “Jungle” Level.

Today we get to see a brand new biome for their upcoming rogue-lite shooter, Orbital Bullet. In the “Jungle” biome, players will encounter all sorts of never-before-seen enemy types, weapons, and features. Developers are also inviting players to get in on the action by joining the official Orbital Bullet Discord and participating in the Alpha.


Orbital Bullet is a multi-award-winning action-platformer that takes the tried-and-true, highly-addictive rogue-lite formula and adds a unique twist with a 360° rotating level design. Players can expect fluid, fast-paced gameplay featuring procedurally generated enemies and level elements, with “instant-transmission” upon completion of a stage — keeping the rhythm going and the action flowing! Of course, it wouldn’t be a rogue-lite without a deep skill-tree, game-changing body modifications, upgrades, and of course, a diverse range of heavy-weaponry with which to dispatch the hordes of enemies keeping you from reaching the next level! – SmokeStab Studios

  • Nothing ‘Rosie’ About This Ring: A unique 2.5D ring-shaped world offers players a one-of-a-kind setting fresh for the genre with a rotating 360° level design.
  • Bullets and Body Mods: Nifty upgrades, mods, skill-trees, and heavy weapons to keep your sci-fi fustigator strapped and ready for action.
  • Intense Arcade Action: Fierce and frenetic action. Jump, dodge, and of course, shoot your way through hordes of enemies as you wind your way around several beautiful and unique biomes
  • No Time to Relax: Instant level transitions upon completion of a stage keep the mayhem flowing and your trigger finger dialed; no interrupting the rhythm with cutscenes or hub worlds!

Orbital Bullet is currently in Alpha with plans to launch in Spring of 2021 on PC via Steam.

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