After being open for business for an entire year, Kabam is celebrating the first year anniversary of its award-winning free-to-play simulation role-playing game Shop Titans by introducing adorable pets for players to collect, raise, and nurture. Daily Gem gifts will also be awarded to all players who log in between June 18-25.

Shop Titans’ new pets will instantly make stores friendlier and add some extra loving personality with their presence. Starting today, players choose either a pet cat or dog to start, with hamsters, chickens, and unicorns available to unlock. Pets can be personalized and level up to gain more prestige and energy when shopkeepers and customers give them food and affection. Pets will also follow players when they visit other guild member’s shops.

“We could not be more impressed by the millions of players who have enjoyed opening their own shop and are amazed by the enthusiastic and thriving community that has grown around the game throughout its first year,” said Johan Eile, General Manager of Kabam Montreal. “We can’t wait for players to experience all of our content planned for Shop Titans still to come this year and beyond.”

To date, Shop Titans has seen over 6.5 billion items crafted, 23 million quests completed and over 107 million shop upgrades were performed from a pool of 152 trillion in-game gold generated from players.

In Shop Titans, players will build up and launch their very own fantasy shop with an extensive item crafting system, and one-on-one negotiation gameplay with customers to secure the best sale price and treasure-seeking quests – all supported with hysterical character-driven banter between your Champions and city Workers. By assembling a team of customizable heroes, players will vicariously explore dungeons and defeat powerful bosses in the pursuit of valuable crafting materials for their stores. On Steam, Shop Titans features enhanced 1080p resolution, smooth 60 frames-per-second (FPS) gameplay, proper mouse and keyboard support, and real time cross-platform play between PC and mobile.

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