Professional streamer and former competitive gamer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, announced he is teaming up with Microsoft’s interactive livestreaming service, Mixer, to livestream videogames exclusively on Mixer at Shroud will kick off his first Mixer stream today, October 24.

Shroud began his career as a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player before growing into one of the largest livestreamers in the world. Known for his incredible skill set, Shroud plays a diverse collection of games and has tallied nearly 13 billion total stream minutes watched and over 360 million lifetime YouTube video views.

“Whether it was Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, PUBG or all the games in between, livestreaming has allowed me to make a career doing what I love,” said Shroud. “Streaming is my passion and I owe my success to my fans who have helped me get to where I am now. Mixer provides the flexibility to center my attention around them. I am excited to join the Mixer community, as well as continue to build relationships with both players and fans.”

On Mixer, Shroud will be able to focus on continuing to build his professional brand and engaging with his audience in new and exciting ways. This includes using Mixer’s interactive features such as Sparks and Embers, which are virtual currencies used on Skills to celebrate the best moments in a livestream. Shroud will also be streaming at up to a 10,000 bitrate with Mixer, resulting in a high-quality stream available for his fans.

“As my career has progressed since retiring from competitive Counter-Strike, I did not imagine I would be here today sharing the next chapter of my story,” said Shroud. “I am incredibly grateful and honored for the success I’ve had and that’s thanks to my community. With that, the next chapter is here and I am excited and motivated to deliver the best livestreams yet for me. The move to Mixer allows me to focus on what I love: gaming. I hope you all continue to be a part of my community in this transition, I can’t wait to show you all the things we have in store!”

Shroud teaming up with Mixer was supported by Loaded, Shroud’s management company responsible for overseeing key areas of his career, including sponsorships, media licensing, merchandising, partnerships, appearances and more.

“Mixer continues to grow and build upon its already stellar creator community with Shroud. Shroud is an incredibly skilled player who has dominated some of the world’s most popular games and we’re thrilled that Mixer continues to grow and build upon its already stellar creator community with his addition. We look forward to exploring new opportunities on the platform for him and his community,” said Brandon Freytag, founder and CEO of Loaded.

Shroud joins fellow colleague, gaming personality and professional, Ninja, who announced his move to Mixer in August.

As the home to innovative, interactive features for streamers and viewers alike, Mixer is committed to providing a fun and welcoming community across a variety of platforms including PC, consoles and mobile.

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