Shrunk for success: which games translate best to mobile?

With millions of people carrying portable consoles around in their pockets thanks to the smartphone revolution, the games industry has pivoted more to mobile play than ever before. But, despite advances in mobile tech, there’s always going to be the issue of adapting software to the smaller screen. It’s not as easy as it looks – and in some cases, game genres don’t translate well at all.

Think about some of your favorite mobile games. You might enjoy playing slots at NJ online casinos (such as Resorts Casino), or AR titles such as Pokémon Go. What is it about these games that make them so appealing and playable? It’s all to do with stripping back and making gameplay deceptively simple.

Not all game genres benefit from this approach – but there are some big exceptions to the rule. Let’s take a closer look.

Puzzle games are a go

Puzzle games have adapted massively well for the portable standard. We only have to consider the meteoric rise of Candy Crush Saga (and its near endless clones) to see why. Puzzle games that are easy to control with a few simple taps and swipes are always likely to appeal to a casual crowd.

They’re also easy to adapt for this reason. Classic games such as Bejeweled and Tetris have ported well to the smaller screen simply because there’s no need for advanced controls or extensive maneuvers. Simply guide the right colors and shapes to where they need to go!

First and third-person games are a mixed bag

It’s safe to say that there’s been mixed success upon bringing shooters to the mobile standard, with FPS games in general requiring extensive dual joystick support for ease of maneuverability. However, with some smart adjustments, games such as Minecraft have, perhaps surprisingly, performed well on smaller screens.

A big example of a third-person game that’s continuing to excel on portable devices is Fortnite. Quick, simple battle royales are easy to get into on the go – perhaps easiest with a native controller such as Switch joy-cons – but even on smartphones, the game is easy enough to adjust to.

Platformers and fighters have struggled

Games falling under platforming and fighting genres have had some problems emerging on smartphones in the past. As these games rely on quick reflexes and complex button combinations, simple mobile interfaces aren’t always the best hosts for these titles. However, that’s not to say strides haven’t been made.

Again, the Nintendo Switch has proven that you can bring these genres to the portable stage. However, that’s largely thanks to processing power and physical joystick / button support. On mobile screens, getting those combos and making accurate jumps isn’t always so simple. But that’s no reason to lose heart. There will always be a baying audience for a variety of games porting over to mobile and portable devices. Who’s to say what might emerge in the years to come? If you can play Minecraft on an iPhone, the sky’s the limit.

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