The acclaimed Chinese indie game Amazing Cultivation Simulator, with more than 600,000 copies sold and a user approval rate of 83%, will be released in the West in English in Q4 2020. All its content published so far, including four major updates, will be fully localized to English, including a new English tutorial to bring a smoother cultivation experience.

In the game, players control a cultivation cult. You can think of it as a community composed of accolites who believe in a particular god. But in China, these are not about following a god, but a process of cultivation through which an ordinary person becomes a God. You need to take care of everything for the cult, start from three or four people, gradually expand it, strengthen it, resist natural calamities (they are tests from God after all!), break through one difficulty after another, and finally become a God yourself.

Amazing Cultivation Simulaton released in Early Access in January 2019 and quickly became a global top seller in Steam at launch. However, for global players, since the game is not available in English, it’s difficult to understand how to play a game based on Chinese traditional culture. It is a mission impossible for players to understand what is Fengshui or “Five Elements” and their effect in the game.

During its Early Access stage, Amazing Cultivation Simulator has evolved and grown quite a lot. For instance, you can fight with other cults, and you can make treasures with riches and resources from the world, or let even demons cultivate (so not just people, but also monsters can become a God). On top of expanding the game with new content, it has been solved a lot of problems of early games and also enhanced the experience.

Another major feature implemented in this stage was Steam Workshop support. Thanks to the fan-made English mod, global players have learned more about this engaging Chinese game, which made the community of Amazing Cultivation Simulator much more popular.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator is released by Chinese game publisher Gamera Game, which released some other games such as Iconoclasts, Passpartout and Rime in China.

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