Dream Reality Interactive is today announcing the launch of a brand-new karaoke singing game, SingHeads. One of Snap’s first Bitmoji for Games partners, SingHeads allows players to appear as their Bitmoji avatars and sing along to a carefully curated, constantly updated carousel of karaoke classics, current sensations and undiscovered gems. 

SingHeads is a brand new, super simple and properly free way to add some musical fun to your Snaps. All you have to do is log in with your Snapchat account and your Bitmoji will spring to life, tracking your head and lip movements. Select a song from the daily-updated list of current hits and karaoke classics, and see if you can score big. Hit the right notes, and you’ll be rewarded with combos and multipliers to send your score into the stratosphere! From some of the talented team behind the genre-defining, billion-dollar SingStar™ franchise, Singheads updates Karaoke for 2020, sending you directly to Snapchat to edit and share your vocal hijinks with your real friends. Now more than ever, discover a new way to connect with your loved ones – no subscription required!

Dave Ranyard PhD, Dream Reality Interactive CEO said “Our drive as developers has always been creating games that break down the barriers between people and play. For us, there is a different level of immersion when you play a game supported by AR where you are placed into the experience, or the experience comes out to meet you in the real world. We’ve put all of this drive and all of our experience into SingHeads to once again push the boundaries of what can be done with AR technology.”

“Bitmoji for Games is all about creating playable experiences with your Bitmoji as the star in a game,” said John Imah, Head of Games and Entertainment Partnerships at Snapchat. “Dream Reality Interactive has demonstrated an excellent example of this, as they’ve developed SingHeads with Bitmoji, allowing players to sing along to karaoke classics. We’re excited about the launch of SingHeads and look forward to continuing to build on our partnership.”

Game Features:

  • Properly free; no subscription required.
  • Something for everyone; from current hits to karaoke classics.
  • Curated hits; don’t lose hours scrolling through song choices; we pick out the catchiest hits – past and present – introducing and retiring a new track every day.
  • Simple; sign in with your Snapchat account to get singing in seconds.
  • You have to see this! Share the AR magic of your Bitmoji coming to life with your friends.
  • Pain-free karaoke; no need to be embarrassed about your ‘singing face’, your Bitmoji has you covered!
  • Seamless; Singheads sends you straight to Snapchat, so you can edit and share your clips in seconds.
  • Send Challenges; dare your friends to beat your score, with cool Bitmoji stickers (feature coming soon). 

SingHeads is available now on the App Store (iOS 6+) and will be coming to Android devices soon.

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