Sky: Children of the Light Days of Feast Celebration Returns

Today through January 8th, 2023, Days of Feast returns to thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light.

With this celebration, players can experience a number of new updates that’ll make their time in the game into the perfect winter wonderland.

At Home, players can expect a snowy forecast. Each week, the skies of Home will shift as a blizzard gradually rolls through before clearing away for bright skies. Players can look forward to Light skating along the ice with friends, or warming up by the fireplace in the snow hut during this time.

Beyond Home, players can enjoy updates in Valley of Triumph, the Village of Dreams, and Hermit Valley. Notably, in Hermit Valley, there will be a new permanent race course, while in the Village of Dreams, players can expect a visit from Bearhug Hermit. Additionally, around the Village rinks, players can look for new places to fish for Light or to enjoy a game of Skyball with some new equipment.

There will also be a variety of new cozy momentos, including goggles, props, capes, and more players can obtain through candles and via the in-game shop.

That’s not all! When New Year’s Eve comes around, players can gather and celebrate with a fireworks show in Home to mark the moment. Fireworks begin on December 31st, 2022, at 2 am PT and continue until 4 am PT on January 1st, 2023.

Days of Feast and Sky: Children of the Light are open to everyone on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and now PlayStation consoles, where it was recently launched.

Those looking for more to do in Sky: Children of the Light, can visit the first-of-its-kind AURORA virtual experience, which kicked off on December 8th and continues every four hours starting at 12am PT until January 2, 2023. The experience connects over 4,000 players together on the same screen, at the same time for a momentous, shared emotional experience.

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