Sky: Children of the Light Introduces Days of Mischief Event and S12: Season of Flight

Celebrate the Spookiest Season in Sky: Children of the Light’s ‘Days of Mischief’; Soar to New Heights in ‘Season of Flight’

Just in time to celebrate the spookiest season of the year, thatgamecompany is excited to bring back their ‘Days of Mischief’ event for a three-week in-game Halloween experience in Sky: Children of the Light. Filled with playful pranks and surprising shenanigans, ‘Days of Mischief’ looks to create a delightfully immersive experience full of lasting memories. Players can look forward to the addition of an eerie new area, gathering around the bubbling Enchantment Cauldron, broom-riding, new costumes, spells, and so much more.

The award-winning studio also recently debuted its newest seasonal adventure; ‘Season of Flight’ – encouraging players to take wing and get a deeper look into the world of Sky. Set in a cloudy expansion of the Hidden Forest realm, Season of Flight explores themes of harmony with the cast of new characters and the Light Creatures who fly alongside them.

‘Days of Mischief’ and ‘Season of Flight’ are free-to-experience by first downloading Sky: Children of the Light from the Nintendo Switch eShop, App Store for compatible Apple devices, or on Google Play for compatible Android devices.

‘Days of Mischief’ is a returning in-game event in the spirit of the Halloween season for Sky: Children of the Light. Full of magical chaos, this event will allow players to tap into their mischievous side.

  • New Locations: During this event, a secret passageway in the Vault of Knowledge realm leads to the entrance of a secret level for a party everyone is invited to. A new cave within the secret level beckons—behind those doors awaits a steaming magic cauldron with Light bubbles for players to collect, Dark Dragons to dance with, brooms to ride under a blood moon sky, and new spells to temporarily transform players with fun disguises suited for the event.
  • Dress Up for the Occasion: There is an assortment of spooky new cosmetics available for players to expand their costume options. New items include Mischief Witch Jumper, Mischief Withered Antlers, Mischief Spider Quiff, and Mischief Pumpkin Prop.

‘Season of Flight’ is the last in-game season of the year—providing players the opportunity to take flight and see just how big the world of Sky really is. Following the story of four spirits and their leader, players will gain insight into the lives of these spirits and the Light creatures who fly beside them.

  • Get a True Sense of the Sky’s world-scale! – Traverse the Wind Paths that go through the game’s expansive realms, providing players with visually breathtaking, aerial gameplay and endless flight paths.
  • Meet New Characters and Light Creatures – Team up with the Flight Guide and the season’s spirits to help reveal new paths forward for players and Light Creatures alike. Gameplay will focus on telling the story of how the Flight spirits charted new life in the floating islands. Players will learn the value in every character’s individual contribution, including their own—showcasing the need to work together in harmony.

Expand Your Expressions: Unlock and learn four new emote expressions from the Flight spirits.

Unlock New Items for Your Closet: Including two new capes, four new hairstyles, four new pants, one new musical instrument (Kalimba), one hat, one neck accessory, three head accessories, and a season pendant.

‘Days of Mischief’ runs from Monday, October 18th, 2021, through Sunday, November 7th, 2021. ‘Season of Flight’ is live now and runs through Sunday, December 19th, 2021.

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