Slipknot x SMITE Today, Conquest Map Refresh, New Battle Pass

Today Hi-Rez introduced half a dozen major beats into SMITE with its biggest update yet in 2022, as full of new content as a new Season update.

All ruthless riffs and iconic masks, hardcore music legends Slipknot join the mythological battles of SMITE today in a crossover visceral enough to shake the heavens. Right now, everyone can purchase nine skins to play as the Slipknot musicians and face deities of ancient mythology.

Designed jointly with the band, the event features the nine members as playable character skins, plus the largest Music Theme in SMITE. Three of Slipknot’s biggest anthems—Duality, Psychosocial, and The Devil In I—play dynamically according to in-game actions.

On the Slipknot event page in SMITE, players can directly purchase nine exclusive skins, one for each band member. Wearing their famous masks and aggressive uniforms, the musicians look ready to unleash brutality either in concert or on the Battleground of the Gods. And they’ll want to hear some Maggots scream.

Wielding a huge guitar or bass as a terrifying ax, Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Alessandro Venturella are playable as Chaac skins. There are no fewer than three Slipknot percussionists, Michael Pfaff, Jay Weinberg, and the notorious clown, each going to battle in their Raijin skin. Lead vocalist Corey Taylor, DJ Sid Wilson, and keyboardist Craig Jones become Poseidon. Skins feature unique voice lines including some dubbed by band members themselves, while the percussionist clown designed some of the sound effects.

All skins can also be unlocked in the Slipknot chest for 600 Gems – discounted to 500 only for this update. The chest holds two bundles of cosmetics showcasing the band’s universe, such as Recall skins, Avatars, and more.

The Slipknot Music Theme is granted as a bonus reward with any three-event items. Three classic tracks – Duality, Psychosocial, and The Devil In I – turn into martial tunes perfect to fight the gods in SMITE. These head-banging, blistering tracks were put together and programmed in a new ambitious way by the game’s Audio Lead, Kellen Malone.

Conquest Map Refresh – Knight’s Keep

Dedicated SMITE players will be delighted to explore a different scenery and new gameplay features in Conquest, the most strategic mode.

On this new ‘Knight’s Keep’ map, a sinister ruined castle now stands tall near the Duo Lane. In the Jungle, players will face nameless knights surrounded by shrouds of mist, seemingly lost in time… Various props and decorations are reminiscent of the Arthurian universe. Those include the team-based Obelisk, its offerings, and its reward, a menacing trebuchet. This siege engine is an invaluable tool to destroy enemy structures.

The Gods ponder if this mysterious Knight’s Keep could herald the coming of a new deity to the Battleground…

In terms of gameplay, countless core values have shifted in order to increase player survivability across the board. Towers, Phoenixes, and Titans will also be tougher. Taking down players and securing objectives now require a more tactical approach, while team play is better rewarded.

New Battle Pass: Blast from the Past

The innovative Battle Pass: Blast from the Past is a major twist on the popular formula. As they level up, players get to choose any three Battle Pass skins from last Season and before – excluding crossovers – in special ‘Pick Your Own Battle Pass Skin’ chests. That means dozens of high-quality skins to choose from. What’s more, Trickster Loki, a rare skin highly requested by the community, is instantly unlocked upon purchasing the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass: Blast from the Past also introduces a new feature everyone will love: all levels can now be purchased with Favor, the in-game currency earned simply by playing. SMITE games continue to make players progress along 60 levels of Battle Pass rewards, including some accessible for free. The Premium Pass, giving access to all items, can be purchased with Gems – and the good news is a timely Gem sale has just started.

New Bob Ross Skin

This is the return of the happy little collaboration between SMITE and Bob Ross, masterful painter and beloved teacher. Back in 2017, the community gave the warmest of welcome to the Bob Ross Sylvanus skin as the first-ever SMITE crossover.

Now players can spread positivity and benevolence with a new Bob Ross skin: Happy Little Painter Zhong Kui, based on a community concept. Anyone with a Prime Gaming account will be able to redeem it for free on June 2nd, 2022 and for a month.

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