SMITE Kicks off Season 8 with New Evolving Map and Huge Variety of Content

Today Titan Forge Studios launched Season 8 of SMITE through a major game update, now on all platforms. A new map for the main game mode, a Battle Pass, an event and several free skins are leading a legion of new content. Tutorials and guides have been improved to be more helpful than ever as a wave of new players is hitting the #1 MOBA on console.

Here is the cinematic trailer introducing the Babylonian in-game event now live, as well as the upcoming playable Gods Tiamat and Gilgamesh.

New Conquest Map & 50 Items

Live today and showcased here in video is the new evolving map of Conquest, SMITE’s premier game mode.

Not only did the Goddess Tiamat banish Cthulhu to another plane of existence, she also rebuilt the universe in her image. The Conquest map was no exception and its aesthetics are now Babylonian-inspired. Its layout also changed drastically. It is bigger and more strategic than before, featuring new Jungle camps with innovative gameplay mechanics. What’s more, this living map is set to undergo three more meta-refreshing rounds of changes as SMITE’s storyline progresses throughout the year.

In addition, players now have access to fifty new items in Conquest: various starter items  each come with two different but equally powerful upgrades for the later stages of the game. Strategic planning will be key to make the most of this new feature set to reshape the balance of power on the battleground.

Revised tutorials and role guides have been implemented as part of SMITE’s constant efforts to bring in new players in the best possible conditions. In Conquest, newcomers can now rely on tips, item recommendations and even waypoints guiding them to lanes and objectives, all adapted to their role within the team.

And Free Skins for All

SMITE has developed the habit of giving back to its community. To start players off on the right foot for this new Ranked and esports Season, no fewer than three new skins can be unlocked for free simply by playing.

Midgardian Macaque Hun Batz and Crash Test Janus are available as Ranked rewards for Season 7 and 8 respectively. Crash Test Janus is the first Ranked reward to be available before the end of the Season, as soon as players win 75 games.

Last but not least, Pure Heart Ganesha is the commendation reward for Season 7. As such, this skin is given to anyone who proved courteous enough on the battleground—testimony to Hi-Rez’ sustained endeavor to encourage all manner of friendly player interactions.

New Battle Pass, New Event, and New Season Pass

SMITE hits the ground running on the cosmetics front as well, starting with the new Battle Pass: Most Wanted depicting a glorious Goddess-only futuristic heist crew.

Also out today, the Season Pass 2021 secures access to all Season 8 Gods and extra content for each as they’re released. It also unlocks 1000 Gems, a new title and the Limited Edition Grand Magus skin for community-favorite Anubis.

Finally, Tiamat’s divine intervention marks the start of the Dawn of Babylon event. Over several months it will feature new skins bundled together at a great price. The collection reward skins are already playable for anyone who proactively purchases all the event skins.

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