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With the Viking Invasion event starting for PC players this week, we wanted to address some community questions we’ve seen:

When will the event start on console?

Viking Invasion will begin with the 3.9 Patch on Console – The dates are still TBD but will likely happen early June.

When will the event run until?

The event will run until July 5th, 2016. Depending on the date that Console starts the event, they will get the event for the same length of time as PC players.

How much does it cost?

The event is a one-time buy-in for 900 Gems. This gets you the first Kali and Chaac skins, along with other items, and gives you access to the quest line where you can earn the remainder of the Viking Invasion items through completion of all Quests.

What is everything that I get for unlocking the event?

During the event, you’ll be able to unlock up to 4 skins (2 each for Chaac and Kali), a loading frame, music theme, Ymir announcer pack, Viking Stein ward, and pedestal, along with 2 Viking Chest rolls.

What are the rewards for completing quests?

Each quest will either reward Favor, a Viking Chest, or unlock one of the upgraded Chaac and Kali skins.


How do I join the event?

You just need to purchase the Viking Invasion pass for 900 Gems.


Can I unlock all of the upgraded skins and chests?

If you complete all of the quests you will unlock all of the chests and skins available from the event.


What do I need to do to unlock all 4 skins?

You will unlock the first skins for Chaac & Kali right away with the Viking Invasion pass, then you can unlock their battle-hardened skins after completing all 10 Quests. You’ll get to choose the one you want to unlock first at 5 Quests, and the other is unlocked after completing all 10.


What are in the Viking Chests?

The Viking Chests will contain one skin from the Norse Pantheon. This includes most skins that are not marked as Limited. If you own all items in the chest, the rolls will instead reward Boosters.

Below is a list of everything NOT included in the Viking Chests:

  • White Death Loki
  • Joki Loki
  • Last Laugh Loki
  • Twitch Ymir
  • Iron Gamer Thor
  • Wreck the Halls Fenrir
  • Ragnarok Fenrir
  • Jingle Hel
  • Pandamonium Odin
  • Soulless Machine Sol
  • OMG Thor
  • Convention 2015 Tyr
  • Sock Puppetyr


Can I go change what quest I am doing after I start it?

No. Once you have begun a quest you will need to complete it before moving on. Make sure you want that quest when you choose to start it!

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