Space Trash Scavenger: Explore the Cosmos, Scavenge for Riches, and Survive in this Open-World Survival Sandbox Game

Paradox Interactive has recently announced an exciting partnership with SquarePlay Games to publish the highly anticipated game, Space Trash Scavenger. Under the Arc publishing label, this interstellar, open-world survival sandbox is set to launch into Early Access this October. With its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating premise, Space Trash Scavenger is sure to leave players eager to explore the cosmos and scavenge for valuable resources.

In Space Trash Scavenger, players are thrust into the 31st century as members of Scav-X, the galaxy’s leading waste disposal company. As you embark on your journey, you will navigate procedurally generated asteroid fields, space wrecks, and abandoned outposts, all remnants of a once-great civilization. Your mission? To collect scrap and resources in order to amass wealth and build a thriving base aboard your Space Rig.

One of the standout features of Space Trash Scavenger is its innovative 360-degree base building experience. Players have complete freedom to build their Space Rig in any direction they desire, utilizing factory-like automation and crop cultivation to expand their fortune. The game offers a rich variety of options for players to craft their ideal base and trade in an interstellar stock market, making every decision a crucial one for success.

Of course, no survival game would be complete without its fair share of challenges. In Space Trash Scavenger, players must fend off waves of alien attackers that are drawn to their ever-expanding Space Rig. Craft powerful weapons and upgrade your spacesuit to ensure the defense and safety of your base. As you continue to expand, the number of dangerous bots patrolling the debris increases, creating an exhilarating sense of constant threat.

Space Trash Scavenger Features:

  1. Scavenge and trade: As an employee of Scav-X, you’ll rely on space trash as your main resource. Explore derelict facilities, space wrecks, and abandoned outposts to collect valuable items. Whether you prise open maintenance panels, loot abandoned cargo, or strip components off spaceship hulls, every discovery counts. You can recycle your haul into raw materials or trade it at the Trash Exchange, ensuring you always have the necessary resources at your disposal.
  2. Space base building: Building your Space Rig is the key to survival in Space Trash Scavenger. This 3D raft with artificial gravity, power, trash processing, farming, and defense allows you to create a customized and efficient base. Craft essential items such as food, fuel, weapons, ammo, and space suit upgrades to meet the challenges of the cosmos. The game’s unique zero gravity environment adds an extra layer of complexity as there is no defined up or down, providing a truly immersive experience.
  3. Constant alien threat: You are not alone in the wreckage of the cosmos. Alien bots patrol the debris, and their numbers increase as your operation expands. Maintaining a steady aim, fortifying your base defenses, and upgrading your armory are crucial to protecting your Space Rig from these relentless invaders. Adaptability and strategic thinking are key to surviving in this hostile environment.
  4. Proc-gen, zero G world: Prepare to immerse yourself in a dynamic and ever-changing open world. Space Trash Scavenger features procedurally generated salvage zones, which include tiny asteroids, abandoned outposts, and derelict spaceships orbiting the system. Each sector you explore offers a unique and unpredictable experience, ensuring that no two gameplay sessions are alike. Utilize your jump drive to venture into new salvage sectors, expanding your horizons and discovering new challenges and opportunities.

With its captivating gameplay mechanics, immersive world, and strategic challenges, Space Trash Scavenger promises to be an exciting addition to the survival sandbox genre. The early access launch on Steam is highly anticipated by fans of the genre. Players can already wishlist the game on Steam, allowing them to stay updated on the latest developments and be among the first to embark on this thrilling interstellar adventure.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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