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GamingfLyfe.com will now offer sponsorship’s to active Streamers,YouTubers of all types in the gaming community through its new sponsorship platform “GamingLyfe Live”.

Unlike typical sponsorships – Our goal is to provide multiple levels of sponsorship packages which are custom  designed specifically for each Streamer/YouTuber based on play-style, popularity, showmanship, fan engagement, audio/visual quality, and ranking.

We are searching to find passionate Streamers, YouTubers who conduct themselves in a professional manner interested in becoming not only top paid Streamers/YouTubers but role models for the gaming community. We need content creators open too producing reviews on upcoming games & products across PC, console, handheld or even mobile platforms! Here is a list of GamingLyfe.com’s press affiliates and sponsors.

GamingLyfe.com’s staff of devoted gamer’s is committed to support the rise of the gaming community in hopes of getting it to the full potential we all know it can reach. You may also have the opportunity to attend gaming conventions and specials events as a representing member of the GamingLyfe staff.

Interested in becoming sponsored? Apply now at our Streamers/YouTubers Inquiry Page

"Gaming Life Live" Streamer & YouTuber Roster

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