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Before you fill out this form please make sure you review the following requirements.

  1. Must be selfless, know how to work with a team, know how to be a part of an organization.
  2. Conduct yourself in a professional manner, be aware you are a role model in the gaming community, act like it.
  3. Have a set schedule for Streaming or posting YouTube videos.
  4. Streamers must have webcam for fan interaction.
  5. Video quality must be 720p or higher.
  6. Audio must be clear of background noise or feedback.
  7. Content must be gaming related.
  8. No nudity, racism or drugs
  9. Be prepared to contribute GamingLyfe specific monthly content based on our press affiliates information.

Think you got what it takes to become a top level Streamer/YouTuber? Lets get the conversation started, who knows you could be our next sponsorship!

Streamer/YouTuber Inquiry Form