Spring Update Drops Ahead of Diplomacy Is Not An Option’s Early Access Exit

The indie sensation Siege-survival RTS Diplomacy Is Not An Option is ready to bid farewell to its Early Access phase this November, after a year of successful development. The game has a host of exciting updates lined up, including a significant new content release scheduled for Spring.

Players will be thrilled to find a brand new Sandbox mode in the upcoming Spring update, allowing them to experiment with their own strategies against enemy waves of their choosing. Additionally, the University will now offer new technologies to research, and players can expect to obliterate their opponents with a variety of deadly traps such as Oil, Stake, and Mine.

The game’s launch will be monumental and packed with features that surpass all of the content released during Early Access. The game’s new trailer is a thrilling preview of the intense action-packed game that awaits players.

The colossal launch update of Diplomacy Is Not An Option will offer an incredibly vast branching campaign with two main story arcs, numerous cinematic cutscenes, and multiple endings, providing players with the choice to fight for the King’s cause or join the rebellion against his tyrannical rule. The environment and mission variety has also been significantly expanded, featuring five new types of battlegrounds, an array of new enemy types, both human and monstrous, and a plethora of new ways to claim victory.

Moreover, players can expect to conquer twelve new Challenge maps and six new Endless Mode maps. The fully-featured map and mission editor is another exciting feature that the game offers, providing players with the ability to create and share intricate scenarios with custom victory and failure conditions.

Diplomacy Is Not An Option is presently available for purchase on Steam, GOG, and Humble for £19.99/$24.99/€20.99. The price will increase once the game departs from Early Access, which is set to happen in November.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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