Square Enix Members Hitman Challenge – Elusive Target 2

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Friday May 27th marks the start of our second Hitman Elusive Target contract, The Congressman. This time we leave the grand estates of Paris and head to Sapienza, Italy where our special guest has made his special appearance for 48 hours. Just like our previous Elusive Target, you will only get one shot at completing the contract and if you fail, there’re no second chances.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Fire up Hitman and check your in-game HUD. The Congressman contract will be displayed on the Featured hub section. Good luck agents!


In addition to the Elusive Target contract, we’ve also recruited a few highly skilled agents from the Twitch community for a fun little contest to win an extremely rare Hitman PlayStation 4 Console. Each Twitch agent will get one opportunity and one opportunity only to attempt our Elusive Target #2. Not only is their job to take out the Congressman, but they’ll also be competing against each other because the agent with the highest score will receive one of these coveted Hitman PlayStation 4 Consoles as a prize for completing their contract!



Square Enix Members, you can also be the proud owner of one of these consoles by redeeming your points at our Square Enix Members Rewards page (details coming soon).

Once this weekend’s 48-hour Elusive Target challenge is over, fans can also look forward to the release of our third episode in the series. HITMAN – Episode 3: Marrakesh will be available on May 31st, 2016. Until then, check out our latest trailer titled The Sarajevo Six (Target #3 The Extractor) to see what you’ll be up against in the latest update.


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