SRC: Sprint Robot Championship Launches on Steam

Ragequit Studios announced today that SRC: Sprint Robot Championship has officially launched on Steam with controller support, four new Sprint tracks, a release-week special Championship, and even more bugfixes.

The first-person time trial racer lets players achieve unlimited momentum while sprinting upside-down, wall-running, sliding and boosting through a wide range of tracks and environments. With no speed cap, SRC holds nothing back while you navigate a unique mix of obstacles and challenges that push your reflexes to their limits.


SRC is set in a distant future where robots compete in the premier Sprint Robot Championships. Players assume the role of sprint robots as they race across a number of challenging tracks that are guaranteed to test their reflexes. Sprint upside down, slide under barriers, wall run and boost through tracks with no speed restrictions across 4 game modes:

  • Circuit – Multi-lap races where taking the long way early can help build momentum for a speedy finish.
  • Sprint – Short point-to-point races where taking the shortest route is key as players run through each course while searching for hidden shortcuts to dash through.
  • Eliminator – Unlimited momentum meets endless racing. This is where SRC truly shines as players try to beat the clock by reaching checkpoints that add extra time. The longer you survive, the better your score.
  • Championship – SRC’s single-player campaign that focuses on rewarding points based on a racer’s overall performance.

Once players master the basics of SRC, they can challenge friends and rivals in either competitive matchmaking for up to 4 players or set world records via local/online leaderboards across all tracks.

Since its initial Early Access release last year, SRC has nearly quadrupled in size through a regular stream of content that kept players wanting more. Thanks to the support of its players, RageQuit was able to implement new game modes, tracks, and environments while also introducing unique obstacles and new gameplay mechanics all while squashing as many bugs as possible.

SRC: Sprint Robot Championship is now available on Steam for $14.99.

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