Star Citizen Free Week May 2022 Details

Play Star Citizen for Free During Invictus Launch Week from May 20th – 31st, 2022.

Following the release of Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17: Fueling Fortunes, developer CIG is welcoming new and veteran pilots of the ‘verse to Invictus Launch Week 2952. This annual event honors the Navy and other armed forces for their tireless service to the UEE, and celebrates the aerospace and defense manufacturers across the galaxy who gather to showcase their latest vehicles designed for (or influenced by) the military. This year, Invictus Launch Week will be held in an all-new location, moving from New Babbage on microTech to the Orison Landing Zone located in the atmosphere of the giant gas planet, Crusader, in the Stanton System. Once again, event organizers have outdone themselves, inviting pilots to tour the deadly Aegis Javelin destroyer and experience the might and majesty of the RSI Bengal fleet carrier via a scenic flyby. With the game being available for free to download and play and free rentals for all flyable ships for the duration of the event, Invictus Launch Week is the perfect time for players to jump in the cockpit and explore what Star Citizen has to offer. For full details on the Invictus Launch Week and Free Fly schedule visit this link, and additional details about Invictus Launch Week 2952 are available in this FAQ.

The Star Citizen Invictus Launch Week 2952 and Free Fly event are scheduled to begin on May 20th at approximately 9:00am (PDT) and will run through May 31st, 2022 ending at approximately 5:00 pm (PDT).

Head to the Orison Landing Zone to join the celebrations for Invictus Launch Week 2952, and be sure to visit for full details on in-game events and schedules for manufacturer event halls.

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