Stellaris Nexus: A Fast-Paced Social Strategy Game Set in the Iconic Grand Strategy Universe

Paradox Interactive, in partnership with Whatboy Games, has unveiled Stellaris Nexus, a turn-based 4X social strategy game set in the renowned Stellaris universe. As part of Paradox Arc, the game offers players an immersive grand strategy experience with faster-paced gameplay that can be completed within 60 minutes. Stellaris Nexus allows gamers to explore the vastness of space, form alliances, or embark on a quest for galactic conquest alongside their friends. A free demo of the game will be available on Steam Next Fest from June 19th, followed by an Early Access release later this year.

The Nexus Awaits Following the fall of the ruling Tzynn Empire, the seat of galactic power known as NEXUS lies vacant. In Stellaris Nexus, players exert their influence on the galaxy by employing Edicts, with the ultimate objective of having their empire’s ruler ascend the throne. Whether through military might or peaceful diplomatic annexation, players can take control of planets and construct buildings to secure resources for expansion.

Grand Strategy at its Core Stellaris Nexus encapsulates the strategic decision-making and epic space battles that have become emblematic of the franchise. The game offers a diverse range of gameplay elements, including exploration, construction, diplomacy, espionage, trade, research, and cultural influence. Players can test their skills against up to five friends or engage in skill-based matchmaking online to form alliances, wage wars, betray one another, and vie for galactic supremacy.

Your Hour of Power Begin your journey from the comfort of your Homeworld, rapidly expanding your empire across the galaxy by exploring new star systems and seizing control of NEXUS, the galactic throneworld. Build an imposing military star fleet while honing your diplomatic acumen to exploit the opportunities that arise, establishing dominance in the new galactic order. Stellaris Nexus allows you to research new technologies, unravel deep-space enigmas, and suppress the threats posed by other spacefaring races as you forge an interstellar empire capable of claiming the title of the undisputed galactic emperor—all in the time it takes to complete your laundry.

The Art of Social Strategy Select a unique faction and leader, and engage in turn-based multiplayer with up to five friends or enter the Nexus online, facing off against strangers through skill-based matchmaking. Navigate the complexities of interstellar diplomacy by negotiating and forming alliances with other empires, circumventing direct confrontation through covert espionage plots—and conveniently pinning the blame on unsuspecting players. Stellaris Nexus opens up a world of possibilities for bluffing, subterfuge, double-crossing, backstabbing, petty revenge, and all manner of diplomatic intrigue, turning your closest allies into your bitterest adversaries.

Craft Your Own Galactic Narrative Redesign the course of galactic lore with each playthrough as you assume the roles of well-established factions and leaders from the Stellaris universe. Your destiny lies in your hands as you weave an emergent narrative, driven by your pursuit of galactic glory and domination. While military conflict and diplomatic dealings are always on the table, the power struggle intensifies within the Galactic Council, where rival empires exercise their legislative influence by casting votes in favor of new titles and resolutions that bolster their faction or advance their immediate strategic objectives.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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