STHELL Gets Big Update, 14 Day Discount

Independent game developers Claudio Catalano and Simone Campione will be releasing new updates for their game STHELL on Steam today. The game will feature a 33% discount (for 14 days) on the full price.

For the new STHELL update, they added a Perks System, so basically you now have in-game credits, that you earn each run by killing enemies and you can spend in the Upgrades view in the main menu, to buy perks and abilities.

Perks are improvements to your health, weapons, speed, etc. Abilities are proper offensive/defensive behaviors, like dropping an automatic machine turret for 15 seconds that helps you, a shield that protects you for a few seconds, a blast wave that purges all the enemies in your surroundings, slowing down the time for a few seconds, etc. Every time you die you lose your perks and you have to buy them back again.

In addition, they created a system of Community Leaderboards. Rather than just compete for the Global Leaderboard, everyone can create a custom leaderboard (with user and password) and share it with some friends or followers. They did this mostly for Twitch streamers, so they can create a leaderboard during life for their followers and see the results immediately.

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