Stormworks: Build & Rescue – The Missions Update Released Today

Stormworks: Build And Rescue, an open-world sea-rescue simulator game from developers’ Sunfire Studios and Green Man Gaming Publishing will release ‘The Missions Update’ today. This is the first major update for the game since launching onto Early Access in February 2018.

Following a series of weekly updates that have enhanced the performance and improved the existing gameplay experience, the launch the new update released today significantly expands the scope and enjoyment of the game.

Stormworks: Build and Rescue ‘The Missions Update’ includes:

New mission editor with Steam Workshop support
A brand new editing suite to enable the authoring of missions. Designed for creating campaigns, players can create playlists of missions, select locations, place characters, vehicles, fires, cargo, zones, and more, and then add objectives to their missions, write briefings, and test their creations out in-game. These new in-depth and powerful tools are easy to use.  They are also used to create official missions.

New set of official missions
Introducing completely new campaigns that replaces all existing missions in the game. The update significantly increases the number of missions, their variety, and scalability. The missions range from critical rescues in stormy seas to major incident responses on flaming oil rigs.

10 new island locations including a 6sq km mega island
A huge expansion to the number of locations to visit through general exploration or via a dedicated mission. These include a new oil rig, oil refinery, abandoned sea fort, and a huge mega island with a quarry and mining site, large airfield, dock, and several villages.

Fire system including a new water cannon 
Introducing fire to the missions! With the introduction of fire to Stormworks comes the necessary extinguishing equipment that integrates with the existing water pumps and tanks to create firefighting mechanical equipment.

“Since the launch of Stormworks: Build and Rescue, the team have focused on ensuring that the existing gameplay experience was the best it could be. Today, the attention turns to significantly expanding that experience and allowing the community to take their creativity to the next level,” said Dan Walters, CEO of Sunfire Studios. “This massive step up has only been made possible with the help and support of our wonderful community and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all”

Stormworks: Build and Rescue is an open world adventure game, which sees you plan and strategise rescue missions using craft for both sea and air that you’ve designed and crafted with your own hands. The four-player co-op mode enables players to enjoy all the same features included in single player but with all the benefits of a team working together, pooling creativity to make the most of the playground under their feet. Players’ designs are tested to the limit in this physics driven sandbox simulation, where the vehicle’s performance in a rescue is directly linked to its design. Each mission calls for an emergency response for scenarios across the open ocean, island facilities, rigs, and more, with the game’s dynamic weather system and day-night cycle ensuring one rescue is never quite like any other. The game’s world is alive with AI characters and vehicles, as well as birds, sea-life, underwater plants and rock structures.

Stormworks: Build And Rescue is currently available to buy on Early Access for $14.99 / £10.99 / €14.99 at Steam, Humble Store, GAME and Green Man Gaming.

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