Strategic Military Base Building Game One Military Camp Coming to PC Beta Soon

Calling all recruits: WE NEED YOU! One Military Camp, the strategic military base-building game from Abylight Barcelona, is reporting for duty on Steam and Epic Games Store PC this February. Step into the boots of a seasoned leader and train a brave group of fighters to reclaim territories from the evil maniac, Dragan. The stakes are high, but One Military Camp brings a welcomed sense of humor and parodies the clichés of the war genre.

Abylight Barcelona wants to give players a sneak peek at what to expect with One Military Camp through a new Beta. The new Beta will have about ten hours of gameplay which will include the full tutorial and the first mission in the campaign mode. Developers say the Beta doesn’t scratch the surface of everything that’s offered in the full version of One Military Camp as there will be plenty of things to explore once the game launches in February.

One Military Camp tasks leaders to revive the continent’s final safe haven back to its former glory and mold fresh cadets into elite soldiers. Manage the camp, build structures, and train recruits efficiently, and there may be hope yet for peace throughout the land.

Building and managing a well-oiled camp is no easy task. Utilize the necessary resources to construct a layout that will ensure maximum training efficiency. Once the foundation is set, hiring staff to keep up with the daily routine is a must. Staff will not only keep the camp running properly, but sustain the health and morale of recruits as well.

Assign recruits to the appropriate training regimens to increase their ranks to elite specialists, but don’t push too hard! Injuries and damaged equipment can put a hold on the campaign. Once specialists are ready, it’s time to put all of those jumping jacks to good use. Send soldiers on special missions to gain science points and resources to benefit the health and economy of the camp. Be cautious, the enemy is always close by. Keep a keen eye out for spies lurking about the camp and incoming drone attacks. With an adept camp, a capable staff, and a powerful army, achieving victory may be an attainable task after all…

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