Strayed Lights “Trials” Update: Embers Releases New Challenging Game Modes

French indie studio Embers has recently unveiled exciting new content updates for their visually stunning action-adventure game, Strayed Lights. The update introduces two new game modes, namely “Trials” and “Memories,” while also offering a significant discount for Steam and Nintendo Switch players.

In the latest “Trials” update, players will face the ultimate challenge of taking on the powerful bosses of Strayed Lights with heightened difficulty, all while striving to survive without dying. This mode pushes players to their limits, testing their mettle and skill in the intense and fluid parry-based combat system. Embers has meticulously crafted new attacks and animations for these bosses, granting them otherworldly strength and making the battles even more thrilling.

“Memories” mode allows players to revisit any previously defeated boss. Not only can they face these formidable foes again in their original difficulty, but they can also confront them in new, unleashed forms. Prepare to be awestruck by the never-before-seen attacks and animations as these bosses showcase their true potential in this mode.

Set in a captivating ethereal world, Strayed Lights immerses players in a journey as a tiny being made of light. Traversing hostile environments and exploring the ruins of a once-thriving civilization, players embark on a search for others like themselves. Embers’ Creative Director, Alexandre Arramon, explains, “Strayed Lights is about the journey of life. We intentionally added no text or dialogue in the game to let players come up with their own interpretations.”

To celebrate the new update, Strayed Lights will be available at a discounted price on Steam and the Nintendo eShop, starting from June 2nd until July 12th. Players can enjoy up to a 25% discount during this period. Additionally, PC players have the option to purchase the Strayed Lights Deluxe Edition, which includes the full game, a digital art book, and a soundtrack composed by Grammy award-nominated artist Austin Wintory, known for his work on acclaimed projects such as ABZÛ, Journey®, and the upcoming Sword of the Sea.

Embers, a French indie developer, takes pride in Strayed Lights as their debut project. Damien Dessagne, the Studio Owner, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re thrilled to witness players engaging with Strayed Lights; it’s a project that holds a special place in our hearts. Players have challenged us to provide more difficult fights, and we’re excited to see if they are ready to face the test.”

Strayed Lights captivates players with its mesmerizing visuals, intense combat, and thought-provoking narrative. Embers’ latest update, featuring the “Trials” and “Memories” game modes, promises an even more thrilling experience for players seeking a challenge. With the game’s discounted price and Deluxe Edition offering, now is the perfect time to embark on this mystical parry-based adventure.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

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