Streamlabs Makes Adding Guests on Stream Easy with Collab Cam, Emote Maker Also Revealed

Invite guests to streams without leaving Streamlabs Desktop and create custom emotes for free.

Streamlabs is announcing two new products at the first-ever Logi PLAY events in Berlin, Germany, which brings together people from the gaming and streaming industries to discuss trends and the evolution of virtual play, streaming, and content creation. The first product, Collab Cam, allows streamers to invite guests to their streams without leaving Streamlabs Desktop. The second product is Emote Maker, a free tool that helps streamers create custom emotes for their streaming platforms.

Collab Cam is an exclusive new feature for Streamlabs Desktop. It is integrated directly with Streamlabs Desktop, making it simple to add guests to your stream in a few clicks without downloading or installing any extra software. Collab Cam works for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Trovo, and custom RTMP destinations. Streamers can invite one, guest to their stream for free, but when subscribed to Streamlabs Prime, streamers can invite up to four guests.

  • Collab Cam Features:Mac functionality: Works on Mac OS operating systems
  • Multi-guest: Invite up to four guests to your stream (Streamlabs Prime only)
  • Multi-platform: Works with YouTube, Twitch, Trovo, Facebook, and more.
  • Custom overlays: Custom overlays are available specifically designed for
    having multiple guests.
  • VTuber support: Able to accommodate VTuber software for both the host and guest with ease.
  • Co-streaming: Instead of joining a guest link from a browser, you can join from Streamlabs Desktop and appear as guests on one another’s streams. You can also go live simultaneously.
  • Mobile: Collab Cam is available on the Streamlabs Mobile app on iOS and Android. You will also be able to co-stream, which will be interchangeable. E.g., If I’m on Streamlabs Desktop, I can co-stream with a mobile user. Chat support: Guests can see the chat of the host’s stream.

“While inviting a guest to your stream may not seem challenging initially, it can be tricky to do so without a dedicated tool. Streamers often have to use third-party video tools to show their guests on stream, said Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs. “While mthese tools can get the job done, they are less performant than an integrated solution, mand it’s inconvenient to set it up properly and position streamers correctly in their stream. Collab Cam comes with dedicated overlays so that you and your guests can look professional and polished for any content you plan on streaming.”

While we designed Collab Cam to provide a seamless experience for adding guests to your stream, it is also a simple solution for using your mobile phone as a second camera source. Now you can easily use your phone to show off your keyboard, controller, or any aspect of your stream setup. This functionality opens a world of possibilities for streams focusing on art, cooking, tabletop games, video podcasts, and much more.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that our new Emote Maker tool is available today on This tool is completely free for anyone to start creating custom emotes now. Our tool comes with default avatar options, which our streamers can customize with hairstyles, eyes, mouths, and more. After the emote is fully customized, our streamers can upload it to their platform of choice.

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